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Welcome at the Dragon City Hack Tool! This new and 100% FREE Dragon City Cheat will allow you to receive unlimited Gems, Gold and Food for the Dragon City Game. This Dragon City Gems Hack will connect to the Dragon City Game servers and inject any amount of Gems, Gold and Food into your account. You can use the Dragon City Tool over and over again for as many times as you want, giving you a huge advantage over your fellow Dragon City Players.

Why use the Dragon City hack Tool?

To have a perfect Dragon City Game experience you can purchase a number of assets with in-app purchases. You can get new and better dragons, and many more things but in orde to get those you are normally required to spend some money. With our Dragon City Hack Tool you can get Gems, Gold and Food for free! That’s right, no need to spend any money and still get all the tools you need for an outstanding Dragon City Gaming experience. This Dragon City Cheat will require you to complete 1 short survey to verify you are human but this will only take 1 to 3 minutes in most countries. It’s up to you but if you ask me… spending 1 to 3 minutes on a short survey beats spending money! You can click on the link above to go to the Dragon City Hack Tool.

Is the Dragon City Cheat safe for my account?

Yes it is! We have tested the Dragon City Cheat on the Dragon City Hack Tool over and over again and we also monitored the encryption it uses. The Dragon City Tool uses AES-256 encryption and anonymous proxies over SSL security. The Dragon City Hack Tool will not compromise your account in any way. You can use the Dragon City Cheat Tool over and over again without any risk, we have tested it over 100 times without problems.

Can i use the Dragon City Hack Tool for Facebook?

Yes you can. The Dragon City Cheat works on Facebook. All you have to do is enter your Facebook ID or username in the USERNAME field, you can find further instructions on the Dragon City Hack Tool. Follow the steps as explained on the site and enjoy 100% FREE Gems, Gold and Food.

How does this Dragon City Hack Gems work?

Without getting to technical the Dragon City Hack Tool connects to the Dragon City Servers in a secure way and will change the amount of Gems, Gold and Food in your account without leaving a trace. The Dragon City Cheat does not actually make any resources itself, it just changed the value on the servers, reflecting in your game. This how the Dragon City Hack Gems works without going into it to deep.