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Fable Fortune Beta Key

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Welcome at the Fable Fortune Beta Key generator. With this generator you can obtain unlimited Fable Fortune Beta Keys, yes, you can even give them away for free! Just follow the instructions to get your Fable Fortune Beta Key.

How does the Fable Fortune Beta Key generator work?

The initial launch of the game was delayed to July 25th 2017 and as a result of that we got our hand on several Fable Fortune Beta Keys because we enrolled ourselves in the early launch that was supposed to be on July 11th 2017. As a compensation they decided to give us a bunch of free Fable Fortune Beta Key.

We are now giving these keys away but the amount is limited so you better hurry up if you want to get your hands on a FREE Fable Fortune Key.

Will the Fable Fortune Key continue to work?

Yes, it will. Even when the game launches and we still have keys our Fable Fortune Beta Key will continue to work as a normal Fable Fortune Key. You will be able to continue to play Fable Fortune without ever having to buy a key again! You could say you get the same for free.

What is Fable Fortune?

Fable Fortune is a game like Hearthstone or Gwent. It is one of the Fable games and it was designed by Peter Molyneux. It is actually designed to be a full compelling card game with a very dynamic events system. You can choose between the good and the evil, don’t we all love that? That choice will decide what cards you get to stack your deck with. The game is available for STEAM and some pre-release keys have been send out. We have gotten our hands on some of those keys, that’s why we are giving away a Fable Fortune Beta Key for everybody who wants one.

Fable Fortune Trailer

Here is the Fable Fortune Trailer:

Enjoy your Fable Fortune Beta Key!



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